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5 Things You Should Know About Drone Wedding Photography

5 Things You Should Know About Drone Wedding Photography

An elevated perspective - do I really need it?

Drone photography allows you to explore unchartered territory; to get those impressive, cinematic shots from a perspective otherwise missed.

Whether this is something you’ve been thinking about for a while, or something that has never crossed your mind, there’s no denying that drone wedding photography and video is on the rise. It’s worth reading on to help you make your mind up as to whether drones have a place at your wedding.

Hiring a beautiful venue? Getting married somewhere unique? A perspective from the sky can show your venue’s grandeur, character and quirks in a way that filming from the ground just can’t.

Carlton towers drone

1.       First up - check your venue thoughts and policies

If you’re thinking of an urban warehouse slap bang in the middle of London city, then there’s a chance drone videos might not be for you, but each venue will have its own policies on drones - we’ll always check these out before you book!

2.        How much?

It’s likely to be less than you think to hire out a drone to capture the key moments of your day, and it’s certainly worth it for the peace of mind of being in the hands of a professional. We can work alongside your photographer and videographer, or provide an edited highlights video ourselves - it completely depends on what works for your day.

3.        Do you just capture a few moments throughout the day?

One of the best parts about having a drone’s perspective is being able to be creative - it’s not just the set moments that come to mind throughout the wedding day, but those you might not expect, such as during a sparkler arch, for example. Having an outdoor ceremony? We can fly unobtrusively and from a distance to really show off your setting!

drone sparklers

4.        Will it match up to the quality of our professional photos and video?

The technology for drones is developing at an accelerated pace - even we’re amazed by the quality of our kit! We can shoot in file formats parallel to those your photographer and videographer will be working with, to ensure the footage fits seamlessly with your day.

5.        Will it take up time in our schedule to have drone photos as well?

The bonus of hiring a specialized drone pilot alongside your videographer and photographer is that while they’re busy capturing you in the midst of all your celebrations, we’ve got plenty of time to get ready for the next flight!

yorkshire wedding barn sunset

Your photos and videos will shape your lasting memories of your day, and an aerial perspective is the perfect compliment to that. It showcases your day, the beautiful venue you’ve chosen, and even those wide grins on your faces - we pride ourselves in offering a perspective that’s creative and unique, and not just the top of your heads!

If you’re interested in hearing a little more, just get in touch!